DOGnzb API Server and URL Update

Are you having issues with DOGnzb giving an error that looks something like this one “No data returned from” lately?  If so we have good news.  DOGnzb isn’t broken and the fix is simple.  You just need to update the API URL.  DOGnzb rolled out a new API server along with a new URL.  You’ll want to use either or depending on your profile configuration.

DOGnzb API update

Here’s the URL structure for the old API server:


If you are still using that in SABnzbd then you’re getting errors as DOGnzb is moving everything over to the new server.  To fix the issue simply change your API URL to one of the following:


Whether or not you use https is up to you but a little extra privacy never hurts.  While we’re on the topic of privacy I wanted to pass along that DOGnzb was not affected by the heartbleed bug.  The bug impacted those running OpenSSL v1.0.1.  Since DOGnzb is still running OpenSSL 0.9.8 they were not affected.  With that said if you use the same password across multiple sites it’s time to change that strategy.  Better safe than sorry.

Anytime we mention DOGnzb there are requests for invitations.  My suggestion is that you keep an eye on our NZB sites post along with r/usenet for the latest open registrations.  The DOGnzb team has been kind in opening the site to new users a few times already this year.  If you get a chance in the weeks or months to come I definitely recommend you sign up.  When you do the site is free to use for 30 days.  From there you can get a VIP membership for a $10 one-time fee.  I personally think the project is well worth supporting with a donation.

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