Astraweb – 2010 NGR Editors Choice Award

This is the third post in our series of this year’s five NGR Editors Choice Award winners.  Today its time to honor Astraweb as an Editors Choice selection.

As mentioned in previous posts the awards are given in recognition of the best Usenet providers based on factors including service level, performance, and value.  The providers bearing this title are thoroughly tested and evaluated by the NGR editors.  Astraweb joins Giganews, Binverse, NewsDemon and Newshosting as this year’s Editors Choice selections.

Astraweb made our list of top Usenet providers in mid-2009 after their $11 unlimited special boosted their customer base and lead to a shift toward value across the industry.  Since then a number of quality newsgroup services including Supernews and UseNetServer have thrown their hat in the ring offering $10 unlimited Usenet access.  So the $11 Astraweb special was a huge benefit to all those looking for affordable, reliable Usenet access.

In 2009 Astraweb set themselves apart by pricing their unlimited accounts at $11 while continuing to grow retention and maintain service levels.  As 2010 starts we’ve had a few reports of completion issues.  If reliability becomes an issue other providers could see an influx of users.  As long as Astraweb can retain high service levels while only charging $11 a month their future looks very bright.

Here is a closer look at the major accomplishments of Astraweb in 2009:

515+ Days of Binary Retention
– Astraweb is 2nd only to Giganews in binary retention with over 515 days and growing.

Block Accounts
– Astraweb added non-expiring block accounts to their lineup last year including 180 GB of downloads for $25.  A popular choice for those who want bandwidth to use over time.

Unlimited Usenet Access – $11 a Month for Life!
– This is what brought Astraweb to the forefront and continues their growth.  They are still offering new customers their unlimited DSL plan (normally $15 a month) for $11 a month for the life of your account.

In conclusion we were very impressed by the growth and impact Astraweb had on value in 2009.  What will happen in 2010?  Can Astraweb continue to grow while retaining high service levels or will the competition close in?  It should be an interesting year!