Alt.Binz 0.39.4 Free Download

The recent release of Alt.Binz 0.39.4 marked the first time in almost five years that Alt Binz has offered a new free version of their popular newsreader.  There are a couple limitations.  Search engines have been removed and you’re restricted to one theme.  Otherwise Alt.Binz 0.39.4 is fully functional.  Since the last free version 0.25.0 in 2007 there have been several updates.  Visit to download the new client.

As mentioned above the release of Alt Binz 0.39.4 is the first free version of the newsreader to be offered in nearly five years.  So we suggest those still running version 0.25.0 take a moment to review the version history.  As Alt.Binz development has been steady over the years.  Adding hundreds of new features and tweaks between the 0.25.0 and 0.39.4 release.  You can also view screenshots of different versions along the way.

As with previous free versions you have the option of donating.  We highly encourage those who enjoy Alt.Binz to donate to the project.  It will help further the development of the client.  Those who donate will gain full featured access along with all new releases.  Visit the Alt.Binz donation page to learn more.

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