Now Supports 800 Days of Binary Retention

Last week we wrote about Binsearch supporting 1,100 days of retention.  Now we’d like to change the focus to their sister site – which has increased their supported binary retention to 800 days.  The relevance based Usenet search engine is quite fast and does a great job of presenting quality results.  We recommend to anyone looking for Usenet content within the last 800 days.  Which is over two years of binary newsgroup articles.  For more than 800 days of retention head on over to

For those who haven’t tried yet you should definitely give the site a try.  Their is no cost.  The free Usenet search engine presents results based on relevance and currently indexes some 3,000 groups.  With a two hour delay before newly posted content is available in the search results.  With over 800 days of binaries, a very simple interface and fast, reliable results we really enjoy using

For those interested in the $9.95 unlimited Usenet offer presented in the screenshot above here’s a link to the promotion from Easynews.