Easynews Review : 2012 NGR Editors Choice

Congratulations to Easynews who recently earned a Newsgroup Reviews (NGR) 2012 Editors Choice award.  We’ve always enjoyed Easynews web Usenet access.  Even more so recently with all the cool new features.  Last year Easynews rolled out a new version of their popular web interface.  The new web interface is great for those new to Usenet.  As you can easily search newsgroups, download and stream content.  All from your favorite web browser.  In addition Easynews offers 3rd party apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.  We’ll be covering both EZ Global Search and EZ Usenet in more detail later this week.

The picture above and one more to follow are from Easynews European data center in Amsterdam.  Just imagine the number of hard drives it takes to support the storage of a major Usenet provider.  Cheers to the Easynews team for letting us share these images with our readers.

Easynews is a veteran in the Usenet industry.  They offer both NNTP and web access.  The web interface is definitely their claim to fame.  With no one else coming close to competing with their web reader.  It puts Easynews in a unique position to help those new to Usenet.  As newsreader setup and additional tools can be a hassle depending on your level of technical experience.  With nothing more than a web browser you can use Easynews Global Search feature to find a topic of interest.  Then either preview, stream or use the Zip Manager and Auto Unrar / Auto Par features to simplify your Usenet experience.

If you haven’t had a chance to try the new web interface take advantage of Easynews 14 day free trial.  During the two week free trial period you’ll have full web access and can download up to 10 GB of content.  We think you’ll be quite pleased with the new features and faster search speeds.  Read our full page Easynews review to learn more about the service or sign up and enjoy the ease of downloading from newsgroups via the web.

Easynews Launches New Web Usenet Interface

Earlier this month we wrote a hands-on review of the new Easynews web interface.  At the time the new webreader was in beta.  After a few weeks of testing and tweaking the new interface is live and available to all new and existing subscribers.  Easynews is offering a 14 day free trial to new customers so if you’ve never tried the service or it’s been awhile definitely take an opportunity to check out the new features.

Read our Easynews web interface review to learn about some of the cool features in the new version.  Those new to Usenet will find it very easy to use.  Usenet veterans will also find some nice extras like audio / video previews, screenshots, article details and more.

We’ve had years of experience with a wide variety of newsreaders and the bumps and bruises to show it.  While we have our favorites the new Easynews web interface makes Usenet simple to use without installing a newsgroup reader.

Read our Easynews review or sign up for a 14 day free trial and test out the new web Usenet interface for yourself.