Give the Gift of Usenet this Christmas

With Christmas shopping in full swing why not give the gift of Usenet this holiday season.  For less than $100 you can gift a full year of unlimited Usenet and free VPN access from leading providers including Newshosting and UseNetServer.  You can also pick up a monthly plan from $9.99 a month and enjoy unlimited Usenet access.  Some providers are even giving away a free month of VPN service to celebrate the holidays.

Newshosting Holiday Deal

Watch for the extras included with each newsgroup service.  All of the deals listed below include unlimited Usenet access but some have additional features.  For example Newshosting includes access to their client software with built in search engine.  While UseNetServer also offers a free search engine.  NewsDemon includes online storage.  All three providers offer VPN service.  Along with our friends at ThunderNews.

We have tested an would recommend every service on the list.  Here is a list of current Usenet specials that include a full year of Usenet access.  Click on any link below to take advantage of the discounted price.

1. Newshosting$99 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Client + Search + VPN

2. UseNetServer$95 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Search feature + VPN

3. ThunderNews$96 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Newsreader

4. Astraweb$96 for 12 months unlimited Usenet

Here are some monthly recurring Usenet deals: that are sure to be appreciate this holiday season:

1. Newshosting$9.99 a months unlimited Usenet + Client + Search + 1 month of free VPN

2. UseNetServer$10 a month unlimited Usenet + Search feature + 1 month of free VPN

3. NewsDemon$9.99 a month unlimited Usenet + Storage + Newsreader or $12.99 with VPN.

4. Easynews$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet + Free web interface trial

5. ThunderNews$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet + Newsreader or $12.99 a month with VPN

6. Astraweb$11 a month unlimited Usenet account

7. Ngroups$9.99 a month unlimited newsgroups + Storage

8. Fast Usenet$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet

9. UseNetNow$10.39 a month unlimited Usenet

10. NewsgroupDirect$16 a month unlimited Usenet + Storage

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Newsgroup Reviews!

Have any questions?  If so feel free to contact us via Twitter @NewsgroupRevs.