Easynews Site Update : Boosts Retention to 600 Days

Easynews.com just got a fresh new look and updates that give visitors a view into the web Usenet service.  Oh yeah…they also increased NNTP retention 50% to 600 days!

The new site certainly appeals to a male audience.  The swimsuit models made us consider signing up and we’re already members.

Beyond the hot new look for the site, Easynews brought some additional features and a major retention upgrade.  For starters NNTP retention was upgraded from 400 days up to 600 days of binaries and two years of text posts.  The new retention is available immediately without an increase in price. Making their $9.95 unlimited NNTP accounts a bargain.

Easynews is also offering visitors a chance to sample the service directly from the home page.  We stuck with the default search of “swimsuit model” on the homepage and were impressed with the speed and quality of the results.

Looking closer brought us to several new pages including helpful information on Easynews features like pre-assembled multipart binaries, Easynews Zip manager, roll over gigs (a great feature of the service), Easyboost (increased speed), NNTP header compression and support for mobile users.  In the coming months Easynews promises app-free support for mobile devices including iPhone and iPad’s.

To learn more read our Easynews review or sign up for a 14 day free trial.


Official press release from Easynews:


Phoenix, AZ – May 17, 2010 – Easynews.com, the world’s leading browser-based Usenet newsgroup provider, announces 600 days of binary NNTP retention with the launch of its brand new website at http://www.easynews.com.

As part of its continued commitment to improve service quality and value for its subscribers, Easynews has increased binary retention for all Easynews NNTP users to a full 600 days, with over 2 years of text retention, at no additional cost to Easynews customers.

The new Easynews site provides visitors with an easy to use, clean layout that features more comprehensive, streamlined content and FAQs as well as improved navigation for both current members and those looking to try Easynews’ free trial.

The centerpiece of the new website is the ability to demo the Easynews application with a preview search as well as highlighting the ability for users to access over 100,000 Usenet newsgroups from work, home or any other place a browser can be used. Visitors are also able to review the features of Easynews such as our proprietary Easyboost Web Accelerator, rollover gigs, web-based Usenet browsing, pre-assembled multi-part binaries and automatically PAR’ed and uncompressed archives. In addition, all Easynews visitors can review subscriber feedback in real-time surveys and testimonials.

In the coming months, more enhancements will expand the Easynews user experience. Look forward to app-free support for mobile devices such as the iPad, even longer binary retention over the current 600 days for NNTP and usability improvements to the Easynews browser application.


Visit Easynews for more details.