Seeking Alternatives to

We’ve had several NGR visitors ask if we can recommend any alternatives to for free or inexpensive Usenet access.  As the Just4Today site has been down for maintenance for several days now.  Making the service inaccessible.  As those who frequent Just4Today know you need a new password to access the news server each day.  So until the site comes back up there is no more freeJust4Today Usenet access.

First off we have no idea how long Just4Today is going to be down.  We have the same information everyone else has from visiting the site.  The message simply shows ‘Currently down for maintenance…‘ without an ETA.

Here are some alternatives to get you through the Just4Today outage:

Free Usenet Trials from Premium Providers

Several leading Usenet providers offer free Usenet trials to give you a chance to try the service before purchasing a membership.  We’re not suggesting you leech their offers but rather you might enjoy the service and want to sign up at the end of the trial period.  As most of them offer very high retention and other advantages over Just4Today.  Many offer two week free trials.

Unlimited Usenet Access for Under $10 a Month

A number of our favorite Usenet providers offer NGR readers deep discounts on their services.  Including unlimited newsgroup downloads along with extras like free newsreader, Usenet search, storage and personal VPN for under $10 a month.  In addition to very high binary retention (over 3 years) and excellent performance.  Again there is a cost but these are all quite a value.

Frugal Usenet Offers 100 Days of Retention for $5.99 a Month

Frugal Usenet offers 100 days of binary retention along with SSL encryption and 20 connections for $5.99 a month.  The retention isn’t near as high as some other providers but it is much higher than Just4Today.  The Frugal Usenet service is available for $5.99 a month or $60 a year.

We hope the just4Today site and Usenet service are back up soon.  In the meantime check out these alternatives.  If you’re aware of any other free or low cost options please let us know.

Visit Newsgroup Reviews to compare Usenet providers and follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest news. Offers Free Usenet Access

Looking for free Usenet access?  Whether you’re goal is free Usenet or saving money on a premium service, Newsgroup Reviews is the place to start.  As we cover all the best free trials and special offers.  Today we’d like to focus on a service that offers free Usenet with some limitations.  Just4Today presents a new username and password each day.  However, the service is limited to 10 days of binary retention and 2 connections.

Just4Today Usenet server details:

  • News server address:
  • Maximum binary retention: 10 days
  • Maximum connections: 2

Just4Today user name and password:

  • Updated at each morning between 9 and 10 am.
  • Note: the username and password changes every day so you will need to check the site often.
  • We have noticed that is down from time to time.

We’ve had the opportunity to test Just4Today in the past.  With 10 days of binary retention and only 2 connections it wasn’t very useful for us.  Not to knock the service as it’s free of charge.  If the Usenet content you need is less than 10 days old and you don’t mind waiting awhile for the download then Just4Today is a good fit.  However, if you need higher binary retention or better performance then seek alternatives.

Just4Today alternatives:

  • Check to see if your ISP offers free newsgroups.  If they do you might as well take advantage of it.  Just note what their limitations are as most limit binary retention and cap downloads.
  • Some of the best Usenet providers offer unlimited Usenet plus extras like built-in newsreaders, Usenet search and free online storage for under $10 a month.  See our Usenet deals section for more details.
  • Want to try Usenet free before deciding on which service to use?  If so there are several providers that offer free Usenet trials.  Which is a great chance to test their servers for speed and reliability.

We hope you enjoy Usenet to it’s fullest.  Regardless of which Usenet provider you choose.  If you ever have questions or comments please feel free to share them with us.  For the latest Usenet news and free trial promotions follow @NewsgroupRevs or visit