Provides Relevance Based Usenet Search

We had the pleasure of testing out a new experimental Usenet search site tonight –  We enjoy using several Usenet search engines.  Binsearch, NGIndex and NZBsRus just to name a few but does things a bit differently. delivers search results based on relevancy.  See for yourself:

The site bill’s itself as the “World’s fastest NZB search engine” and we have to admit it’s pretty darn fast.  Our search for Ubuntu came back in about half a second. More importantly the results were accurate and relevant to our search.

Rather than sort search results by date, provides the best result on top based on several relevancy factors.  These factors include size of the file collection (50 MB minimum), completion (less than 5% damaged), inclusion of PAR2 files (under the same name as the main post) and bonus points for posts that include an NFO file.  Better yet does not allow posts with RAR passwords.

We look forward to following the progress and growth of the site.  Read our review to learn more or visit and see for yourself.