Easynews Tops 1,450 Days of NNTP Retention

Easynews continues to build their NNTP binary retention.  Recently increasing from 1,330 days up to 1,450 days.  That’s four months of extra binary retention available for members.  You can enjoy the extra NNTP retention without paying more for it.  Easynews is currently offering unlimited NNTP for just $9.95 a month.  Including a 14 day, 10 GB free trial of their popular web interface which is great for those new to Usenet.

The Easynews web interface is the gem of their service.  Allowing you to browse up to 200 days of binaries through your web browser.  With the ability to view images, preview and even stream content on the fly.  The 1,450 days of NNTP binaries allow you to reach back almost four years for newsgroup content using a Usenet client like Newsbin Pro or SABnzbd. Read our Easynews web interface review to learn more.

  • NNTP retention uses popular Usenet clients like Newsbin Pro, NewsLeecher, SABnzbd, or GrabIt to connect and download from newsgroups.  Easynews includes some NNTP access with all their plans.  With the option of unlimited NNTP Usenet for just $9.95 a month.  With or without a corresponding web account.
  • The Easynews web interface and web retention are unique.  Nothing comes close for comparison.  It’s great for non technical users who want to enjoy Usenet.  Use the web interface to search for content, preview, stream and download from web browser or mobile device.  New members can try it free for 14 days.

Cheers to the Easynews team as they near four years of binary retention.  With just ten days under the four year mark they continue to expand their offerings.  We highly recommend their $9.95 unlimited NNTP special.

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