Site Down : What Caused the Outage

July 14, 2014 update – we’ve heard from a number of Binsearch users who are unable to reach the site.  We are able to confirm that is down using multiple DNS servers.  Their sister site,, is still up so hopefully it’s just a short outage. might serve as an alternative if 1,000 days of retention is enough.

January, 2012 – Earlier this week we had several readers question what had happened to  As the site was down for a time on Tuesday.  We didn’t try to hit Binsearch during the outage but saw the results as the data was rebuilt.  Binsearch had hard drive failures that led to the site being down followed by some time to rebuild the index after an older restore point.  Now users are once again enjoying the full benefits of Binsearch.

Those familiar with Binsearch know that it’s one of the best Usenet search engines.  A clear favorite among NGR editors and highly recommended for the quality and performance of the site.  Covering some 1,100+ days of retention with a very simple interface.  The site is very easy to use and best of all free to all Usenet fans.

In the past we’ve recommended temporary alternatives when sites like Binsearch go down.  It appears the site is 100% but just in case you can always visit our Usenet search area for recommendations.  Binsearch is our top pick along with their sister site and other leaders like Nzbmatrix, Newzbin, Nznindex, etc.

Head over to Binsearch to find the latest Usenet content along with posts from 3+ years ago.  Visit Newsgroup Reviews to learn more about Usenet. Follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest news and offers.