Newshosting’s Rapid Binary Retention Growth

We often get copies of press releases when providers hit new milestones.  This week was no exception.  As we mentioned in a post earlier this week several leading Usenet providers just passed 1,300 days of binary retention and continue to spool daily.  So it wasn’t surprising to see a related announcement from Newshosting.  However, part of the release caught our eye.  Specifically the rapid growth of Newshosting in recent years.  Mentioning that in recent years Newshosting has grown by over 1,000 days of binary retention.  While also adding a newsreader and launching their popular $9.99 unlimited Usenet deal.

While Newshosting isn’t the only Usenet provider to see massive growth in retention they didn’t just stop there.  Newshosting’s growth in terms of popularity has been driven by a number of factors.  Not the least of which is the increased retention but just as important is their $9.99/mo. and $99/yr. specials along with the addition of their impressive Newshosting client.  As Usenet fans we always knew about Newshosting.  They’ve been a top provider for years but recently they’ve taken a huge leap forward to become arguably the best value in Usenet.

What’s next for Newshosting?  Only time will tell but we’re betting they’ll continue to add value to an already excellent service.  As we see now with retention at 1,302 days and counting.  Regardless of which criteria you use to compare Usenet providers (retention, performance, reliability, features, price) Newshosting comes up close to if not at the top of every list.  We look forward to tracking and updating you on their continued growth.

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Newshosting Hits 3 Years of Binary Retention

What were you doing on August 15, 2008?  No idea?  We don’t remember either but you can find binary posts that old on Newshosting now.  As the service supports 1,095+ days of binary retention and growing.  That’s three years of binary articles.  Cheers to the Newshosting team and others celebrating the big accomplishment this month.  We look forward to continued binary retention growth along with new and innovative features like the newly released Newshosting client.  Not to mention their popular $9.99 unlimited Usenet promotion.

We cover a lot of up and coming services.  Using terms like ‘cool project’ and ‘shows a lot of potential’.  So when we write about an industry leader like Newshosting it takes a moment to switch gears.  Yet the conversation is similar in some positive ways.  As the Newshosting team dedicates a lot of effort to continuously improve the service.  For example so far this year Newshosting has increased binary retention to over three years and developed an easy to use newsreader for their members.  On top of offering the promotion shown above.  Saving new customers up to 44% off unlimited Usenet.  How’s that for progress?

Cheers to the Newshosting ops team for there efforts in supporting the world class service.  We don’t talk much about the infrastructure, massive storage and overhead costs that go into offering 3+ years of retention.  Yet the leaders like Newshosting are moving forward and continuing to grow retention.  While also adding value to the service in other ways like the newsreader with Usenet search capabilities.

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Newshosting Crosses 1,000 Days Binary Retention

May is the month of 1,000 day celebrations.  With leading Usenet providers including Newshosting, UseNetServer, Astraweb, Giganews and more reaching (and exceeding) 1,000 days of binary retention.  Newshosting gets to tip it’s glass today as they have crossed the 1,000 day mark.  Newshosting members now enjoy 1,000 days of binaries.  With binary retention continuing to grow on a daily basis.  New members can take advantage of our NGR specials including unlimited Usenet access for $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

The Newshosting NH unlimited offer is hard to beat.  It includes the same NH Unlimited plan (unlimited Usenet, 30 connections, free SSL) that retails for $14.95 a month for just $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.   Visit our Newshosting special offer page for more details.

Let’s take a look at some of Newshosting’s NH Unlimited features:
$9.99/mo. unlimited Usenet for life!
$99.99/yr. unlimited Usenet for life!
– 1,000 days of binary retention
– Unlimited downloads
– Uncapped speed
– Free SSL encryption
– 1,000 days of text retention
– 30 concurrent connections
– 99%+ completion rate
– 100,000+ newsgroups
– US and European news servers
– 24/7 tech support

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Newshosting Increases Binary Retention to 650 Days

Congratulations to Newshosting who just increased binary retention by nearly two months.  Up from 600 too 650 days.  The update in retention is immediate.

Newshosting has been around for years and has a reputation for fast, reliable Usenet access.  Updates to the Newshosting site and account additions (like the $12.95 NH unlimited deal) have further enhanced the value of the service.

Here is an overview of Newshosting’s Usenet offerings:
– Unlimited Usenet access for $12.95 a month (lifetime special)
– 14 day free newsgroup trial + discount (free trial details)
– 650 days binary retention
– 1,000 days text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– 100,000+ newsgroups
– Free 256-bit SSL encryption
– Up to 60 simultaneous connections
– US and European news servers

To learn more read our Newshosting review or sign up and enjoy unlimited Usenet access for $12.95 a month for life!


Here is the official press release from Newshosting:

Newshosting Upgrades Binary Retention to 650 Days

ASHBURN, Va., August 30 — NEWSHOSTING.COM, the world’s leading provider of premium Usenet newsgroup service, today announced that it has upgraded retention across all of its 107,000+ newsgroups to 650 days. This upgrade comes at no added cost to Newshosting subscribers.

Newsgroup retention rates indicate the length of time that a binary or text file is available to members. With 650 days of binary retention, Newshosting subscribers can access binary files that were posted to Usenet newsgroups up to 650 days ago.  Additionally, Newshosting supports over 2 years of retention for text files.  Combine this retention with 60 super-fast connections and free 256-bit encrypted, private SSL access, the Newshosting XL Usenet plan offers the fastest, most secure Usenet access in the industry. Newshosting invites all netizens to give its service a test run with a free 14 day/10 GB trial on any of its access plans.

Newshosting’s upgraded retention is supported by recently launched multi-million dollar storage and network upgrades to the Newshosting NNTP server farms in the United States and Europe. These massive infrastructural upgrades make Newshosting’s Usenet platform the largest and most robust in the world.  When you access Usenet through Newshosting, you are leveraging the fastest, most secure NNTP network developed anywhere.