NewsLeecher Version 5 Beta 17

NewsLeecher recently rolled out the latest beta release of their popular Usenet client.  The latest version 5.0 beta 17 has a number of changes and additions.  Customers can download the new release directly from the NewsLeecher download page.  While those new to the newsreader can test out their free trial.  NewsLeecher has also launched their own Usenet service which is sold along side the client and SuperSearch.

NewsLeecher version 5 beta 17 Here’s a closer look at the additions and updates in NewsLeecher version 5.0 beta 17:

#: Note that this release requires that you re-register the
   NewsLeecher application, via the registration dialog inside
   NewsLeecher. So be sure to have your NewsLeecher members area
   access data ready, before installing.
+: Hooked up SuperSearch cache cleanup code that will periodically
   delete outdated SuperSearch cache files (*.ssr) from the disk.
+: It is now possible to change the max width setting for the tabs
   located on the NewsLeecher main window, from :
   Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Tabs Max Width
   Note that the tab order has been reset in this release.
*: For easier backup possibilities, the personal NewsLeecher
   license key, is now saved to a disk file instead of the Windows
   registry. The license key file is saved to this location :
   We are working on making it possible to save the key file to
   the same location at the NewsLeecher executable, to make it
   easier to run NewsLeecher in registered mode, from portable
   storage devices.
*: Improved a lot of the code associated with the SuperSearch
   bookmark manager, to make the management of the bookmarks
   easier to understand and more flexible.
*: It is now possible to change the personal email address
   associated with the NewsLeecher members area, and still be able
   to use SuperSearch, without having to update the NewsLeecher
   license key first.
*: Changed the max width of the NewsLeecher main window tabs and
   renamed the caption on the "Repair & Extract" tab to "Extract".
*: The 'Article Grouping' code now detects, and groups, a couple
   of new article subject formats.
   Formats : *.#" and *.##" where # represents a digit.
* : Visual theme improvements and other smaller improvements.
 : Smaller bug fixes.

The NewsLeecher team made it easier to backup NL by placing the license in a file.  As shown in the details above.  They are working to move the file to the NL directory to make backups even easier.  For now you can just navigate to the current path and save the .dat license file.

Note that this version requires you to re-register the client so you’ll need your license ID available.  You can get your license number by logging into the members area.  The ID is displayed on the right hand side of the page.  Just above personal payment information.

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