Usenet Scores a Major Legal Victory

Dec. 7, 2016 – News Service (NSE) as they won their appeal against BREIN. In short the Amsterdam Court of Appeal found in favor of NSE. They found that NSE did not infringe on copyrights and did not act unlawfully. NSE already had a notice and takedown (NTD) procedure in place to allow copyright holders to request content be removed. Even so the court ruled in BREIN’s favor which forced NSE to close in 2011. We hope the latest ruling will lead to compensation for the lost revenue NSE sustained over the past five years and beyond.

Here are some more details from the press release posted to the News-Service site on Dec. 7th:

The Amsterdam Court of Appeal today set aside the decision of the Amsterdam District Court in the case filed by piracy fighter Stichting BREIN in 2009 against Usenet provider News-Service Europe B.V. (NSE). This means that NSE won on appeal.

The Court of Appeal ruled that NSE had not infringed copyrights, that as an intermediary, it is not liable for the infringements made on its platform by others and that NSE did not act unlawfully. Moreover, the filter imposed on NSE by the District Court in 2011 is contrary to European legislation (Article 15 of the E-Commerce Directive 2000/31/EC). This article stipulates that an intermediary cannot be obliged to exercise general monitoring.

Patrick Schreurs, former CEO: “Finally, justice! At the end of 2011 it was clear to friend and foe that the decision of the District Court could not be upheld. Even so, Stichting BREIN did not wish to await the outcome of the appeal lodged by NSE, the result being that a successful Dutch company had to cease its activities unnecessarily. That still hurts. After the appeal proceedings dragged on for over five years, the Court of Appeal has now finally ruled that we were right all along.”

However, the Appeal Court did order NSE to implement an effective notice-and-takedown procedure (NTD procedure). Such a procedure can point out to a provider the presence of unlawful material on its platform, so that it can take action and if necessary, remove the contested material. In line with the aforementioned prohibition of general monitoring, the initiative to this procedure lies not with the provider, but with the person making the report.

The order is striking because NSE already offered an effective NTD procedure before the legal proceedings were issued. In an earlier interlocutory order, the Court of Appeal denied that NSE’s NTD procedure was not effective. Moreover, offering an effective NTD procedure is one of the conditions on which an intermediary can successfully rely for exclusion of liability (section 6:196c(4) of the Dutch Civil Code). Since the Court of Appeal ruled that NSE complied with all the conditions, it had effectively labelled NSE’s NTD procedure as sufficiently effective. The court order is apparently a mere palliative.

Wierd Bonthuis, former CFO, on the judgment: “I am very satisfied that we have won on appeal in this dispute between our company and Stichting BREIN. If this judgment had been handed down by the District Court, NSE would have had no reason to cease its business activities. That, however, became inevitable when, despite the fact that we had filed an enforcement dispute, BREIN decided to enforce the judgment and left NSE with the damage.”

Aug, 19, 2014 – In a case that’s been ongoing for years the court of appeals in the Netherlands ruled in favor of News Service.  NSE was a Dutch Usenet service that closed down after an unreasonable court decision in 2011.  The appeal took nearly 3 years but Mr. Schreurs and everyone else involved in the case can be pleased by today’s appeals court ruling that Usenet providers like NSE don’t have to self police their networks.

In 2009 Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland (BREIN) took News-Service (a major Usenet reseller in Europe) to court.  BREAIN claimed that NSE was responsible for the content on their network and should have to proactively remove copyrighted content.  The court sided with BREIN and required NSE not only to remove copyright content from their network but also to filter future posts without any request from the rights holder.  The unreasonable demand caused News-Service to shot down on November 4, 2011.

The appeals court still has some decisions to make but the main issue of whether or not Usenet provider’s will be expected to proactively police their servers for copyrighted content has been answered in the News-Service appeals court victory.  Dutch providers will likely need to respond to takedown notices from copyright holders.  Much like they do with DMCA requests in the United States.  That’s far better than proactively policing your network which is impossible given the massive volume of content added to newsgroups every day.

Cheers to News-Service on their court of appeals victory.  It’s been years in the making.  It has to feel good to Mr. Schreurs and everyone involved to have the court understand the technical details of the case better.  As a result the appeals court ruled in the Usenet industry’s favor.

Here are some more details from the press release posted to the News-Service site on Aug. 19th:

The court may not make it compulsory for Usenet providers to filter their message traffic. This follows from today’s judgment by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal in the case between News-Service Europe and BREIN.

The district court had previously found News-Service Europe guilty of copyright infringement. The court did not answer the question of whether News-Service Europe could successfully rely on the statutory rules that protect intermediaries such as ISPs. This ruling forced News-Service Europe to cease its activities.

In today’s judgment, the Court of Appeal reversed the judgment of the lower court. As an intermediary, News-Service Europe is not liable for possible copyright infringements by consumers. The earlier judgment of the lower court boiled down to a requirement to install a filter. The Court of Appeal has said that no such obligation may be imposed because it would mean that News-Service Europe would have to monitor its network continuously. This is contrary to settled case law of the European Court of Justice, according to the Court of Appeal. Patrick Schreurs, former CEO of NSE: “We are extremely pleased with this judgment. The Court of Appeal rightly found that a Usenet provider such as News-Service Europe cannot be expected to exercise preventative supervision of the notices posted by others.”

Interlocutory judgment
In this interlocutory judgment, the Court ruled that an intermediary such as News-Service Europe is, however, obliged to implement a so-called notice-and-takedown procedure. News-Service Europe has always said that it already had such a procedure in place. The next step is for the parties to explain to the Court of Appeal how the procedure should work and what other measures might be taken in this regard. “We look forward to this in full confidence”, said Wierd Bonthuis, NSE’s former CFO.

You can visit our Usenet providers section to learn more about newsgroup services around the world.

Usenet Passes 3,000 Days of Binary Retention

Leading Usenet providers are celebrating a new milestone.  As Newshosting, UseNetServer, Easynews, Eweka, NewsDemon, ThunderNews, Astraweb and more pass 3,000 days of binary retention.  We join in celebrating the accomplishment as they continue to innovate and bring quality service to Usenet fans.  When NGR launched we discussed retention in terms of days.  It’s hard to believe that services now support over right years of binaries and growing.  Leading providers continue to set themselves apart with efforts like these.

Server storage

Those of us who regularly enjoy Usenet now have access to over eight years of binary newsgroup posts.  At 3,000 days you can access newsgroup posts from more than eight years ago.  As 3,000 days ago was August of 2008.  Back then the highest retention to be found was 240 days, which is around 8 months.  Now we can all explore 100 months of Usenet posts for a fraction of the 2008 price of newsgroup access.

The quality and value offered by Usenet providers has also progressed since 2008.  Back then services offered unlimited Usenet for $20-$30 a month.  Fast forward to 2016 and the price is half that much.  Not only has the cost dropped significantly.  Users now enjoy free extras.  Including faster speeds and additional features like newsreaders, Usenet search and VPN access.  All for under $10 a month.

We look forward to celebrating for years to come as providers continue to grow retention.  Leading providers will have pass nine years in just a few months.  As always continue enjoying the best Usenet has to offer.  Visit Newsgroup Reviews to learn more about Usenet. Follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest offers.

NewsgroupDirect $7 Unlimited Sale

Newsgroupdirect continues to celebrate Halloween with a special offer on unlimited Usenet access.  We cover a lot of deals on NGD’s block accounts but they don’t offer discounts on unlimited plans all that often.  Through midnight EST you can sign up for the NGD unlimited plan for just $7.00 a month.  That’s over 60% off the normal price of $17.95  a year.  The deal is only active for one day and will expire at the end of Tuesday.

NGD Unlimited Sale

Here are some details on the NewsgroupDirect Usenet service:
– Unlimited speed downloads
– 3,000+ days of binary retention
– 3,000+ days of text retention
– Free News Rover newsreader
– Free 256-bit SSL encryption
– Up to 50 simultaneous connections
– Access to over 107,000 newsgroups
– Server farms in the US and Europe
– 99%+ completion rate
– 24/7 tech support

Read our NewsgroupDirect review to learn more or visit the NGD deal page for more details and to sign up.

Visit Newsgroup Reviews to learn more about Usenet and follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest deals.

UsenetBucket Whack a Mole Promotion

UsenetBucket is going all out to celebrate the season.  They are starting by offering a Whack a Mole promotion which is running through Friday, October 21st.  Any new or existing members that sign up by the end of the promotion will receive between 5% and 30% of your order.  You play a game of Whack a Mole to determine the discount.  Visit and sign up no later than October 21st to save up to 30% off.

UsenetBucket promo

I’m sure its our geek side showing but we always enjoy seeing the holiday themes the Usenet providers come up with each year.  Most center around Christmas and New Years so we still have a few weeks to wait.  As for themes we really like what UsenetBucket has done in the past for Halloween.  They are original and I’m sure it takes some effort.  The only downside we’ve heard is some people wish they could mute the sound.  We never mind.

You can see the pricing above but we’ll quickly step through the details of their special:

  • Basic Bucket (10 Mbit speed cap) – €2,95 for 30 days of access
  • Comfort Bucket (40 Mbit speed cap) – €4,95 for 30 days of access
  • Ultimate Bucket (400 Mbit speed cap) – €12,95 for 30 days of access
  • Play Whack a Mole to save up to 30% off all buckets.

All UsenetBucket accounts include unlimited access to their European news server.  They have 1,200 days of binary retention along with SSL encryption.  We’re very jealous of anyone who has the bandwidth to come close to maxing out their Ultimate Bucket.  You won’t need a coupon code to snag the discount.  Just remember to play Whack a Mole and sign up by the end of Friday, October 21st to take advantage of the promotion.

You can check out our European Usenet page to compare UsenetBucket to other leading Dutch providers.

DOGnzb Lifetime Users Find Themselves Limited

September 2016 update – DOGnzb recently opened registration for new users.  All new members get 10 days of free access to test the site.  From there you are required to donate to keep your account active.  Otherwise the staff will delete the free account and you will need to wait until they offer another open registration period.  Up until last year, DOGnzb users were offered VIP lifetime memberships.  That’s no longer the case and in fact “lifetime” memberships were reduced to one year of VIP and then converted to Lite accounts which limit use.

Here’s a list of the current subscriptions DOGnzb is offering:

  • $15 donation for one year of VIP access
  • $35 donation for three years of VIP access
  • $50 donation for five years of VIP access
  • $10 free for credit card transactions, no added fee is using bitcoin.

Original post – November 2015

In late October DOGnzb decided to step back and close registrations for the year.  They are changing the way memberships are structured.  In years past you could sign up for lifetime access.  Long gone are the days of signing up for a $10 lifetime account.  In fact those who signed up for lifetime access will soon have ‘lite’ accounts which are only good for occasional use.  A DOGpass will give you full access to the site.  Current members will be able to purchase a DOGpass for $15 a year plus a $10 service fee which includes a t-shirt.  They also have longer term plans that cost $35 for 3 years or $50 for 5 years plus the same $10 service fee.

Here’s the message DOGnzb staff posted in their forum:

Ok, so I have some bad news. I’ll get right to the point. Lifetime access as you know it will be changing. This was a hard decision to make, it’s not easy going back on something previously offered, but the fact of the matter is the site is becoming hard to sustain with the current model, and just keeping registrations opened, and letting new users sign-up is not a good idea. The costs of operating, hosting, running and updating 6 servers are significant.

I know probably a large majority of the user base will be alienated right of the bat, but what is the alternative? To close up a site that is unable to sustain itself in 6-12 months.

So better to make the changes now, keep the current user base, and go back to keeping a low profile.

So starting today, registrations are closed. Invites will come back in some form next year. An annual membership needs to be paid to have full access to all our features, and DOGpass subscriptions will be eliminated (all former DOGpass functionality will now be available to every member).

In both cases, please check your profile pages for information on your updated expiration date. When the current subscription expires, any user that decides NOT TO renew their premium subscription will be moved to a LITE tier. Access to the website will still be possible, but daily download quota and API calls will be considerably limited, Watchlists and Custom Searches will be disabled, as well as IMDb and Trakt sync.

You will still have lifetime access to the site, accounts will NOT be purged, but it will be a ‘lite’ account (perfect for occasional use, or for people that use us primarily as a backup).

What does this mean for current users? It basically depends on when you originally registered.

For members that registered after December 1st 2014, your lifetime payment, will be converted to a 1 year subscription, starting on the date of your registration. If you were also a DOGpass member your expiration dates will be increased by an additional year.

If you registered before December 1st 2014, your subscriptions will expire on the same month/day of your registration, so expirations will be staggered during the next 12 months. If you’re were also a DOGpass member, you will retain your current expiration date.

Pricing is the same as DOGpass was: $15 for 1 year, $35 for 3 years, and $50 for 5 years. For now, payment still involves a third party website that manages the transactions for an extra $10 service charge (included with the cost of the T-Shirt). Unfortunately, I’ve been vocal here in the past about the problems we’ve had with PayPal, Coinbase etc. So it’s better to just do a 3 or 5 year extension if you can.

Bitcoin payments are also possible at this moment. We are looking into other payment alternatives.

For users that registered recently (last 60 days), your expiration date has been bumped up manually. Also users that have separately donated in the past, you can contact any staff member for instructions on how to get bumped up also.

These features, previously available only for DOGpass users, are now available for everyone:

  • Exclusive regex rules and deobfuscation algorithms result in additional NZBs available
  • Fine tune your Watchlist delay setting and retention limits.
  • Sync from IMDb and Trakt watchlists every 60 minutes
  • Trigger metadata refresh of any TV show or Movie
  • Push notifications alerts to your mobile phone.
  • iCal feeds of your TV Show Watchlist.
  • Custom Searches and RSS feeds updated hourly.
  • Passthrough and Emulation APIs for mobile phones.
  • Primary and Secondary Push Queues.
  • View NZB contents and perform partial downloads.
  • Mobile Website Interface

I understand this will not be a popular decision, and I expect a lot of complaints. But please try to understand, we are trying to make things work in the long run.

It will be interesting to see if members who were downgraded from lifetime to lite plans decide to pay more for a DOGpass or search for alternatives.  Things are further complicated by the restrictions placed on payments.  DOGnzb requires a third party payment processor which adds $10 to any payment.  While they include a t-shirt for the $10, most people aren’t interested in the site for a shirt.  After being downgraded some users are also likely to be skeptical about signing up for a long term account.

DOGnzb is a quality site.  I disagree with their decision to limit lifetime accounts.  They made a commitment to users who gladly donated for the memberships in the past.  Those users are likely to look elsewhere.  Those who have been waiting for an invite will likely get an opportunity to join the site in the months to come.  You just need to consider the fees involved.  Some will find the site a good value while others will rely on alternatives.

Visit Newsgroup Reviews to learn more about Usenet.  Follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest deals.

Follow Your Favorite College Football Team Via Usenet

It’s that time of year again.  The 2016 college football season is upon us.  We’re pumped up to see how our favorite team – the UT Volunteers – performs in the Battle of Bristol vs. Va. Tech.  Along with the rest of the SEC and some favorites outside the conference including FSU and Oregon.  Have you ever looked for your favorite college football team via Usenet?  We found a number of teams and several conferences with newsgroups.

College football

Here are some of the college football teams and conferences we found with newsgroups.

College football team newsgroups:
– Alabama Crimson Tide – alabama.sports.alabama
– Auburn Tigers – alabama.sports.auburn
– Cincinnati Bearcats – uc.bearcats
– Florida Gators –
– Florida State Seminoles –
– Kansas Jayhawks –
– Kentucky Wildcats –
– LSU Tigers –
– Michigan Wolverines –
– NC State Wolfpack –
– Nebraska Cornhuskers –
– Northwestern Wildcats –
– Notre Dame Fighting Irish –
– Ohio State Buckeyes –
– Purdue Boilermakers –
– Syracuse Orange –
– Tennessee Volunteers –
– Texas Longhorns –
– UCLA Bruins –
– UNC Tar Heels –

College football conference newsgroups:
– ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) –
– Big 12 –
– Big East –
– Big Ten –
– Conference USA –
– Ivy League –
– MWC (Mountain West Conference) –
– PAC 10 (Pacific 10 Conference) –
– SEC (Southeastern Conference) –
– WAC (Western Atlantic Conference) –

Let us know as you find more teams and we’ll gladly add them to the list.  Enjoy the 2016 football season!

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IPVanish 50% Off Birthday Coupon

Feb. 24th update: the birthday sale is underway.  Save 50% off IPVansh and enjoy unlimited VPN from just $3.25 a month.  Visit the IPVanish Birthday Sale page and today to save.  The sale will end at 9am EST tomorrow so if you’d like to share it with friends please do so quickly.

The IPVanish team will be celebrating their birthday on Wednesady, Feb. 24th.  The popular VPN service launched four years ago.  To celebrate they are offering 50% off a year of VPN.  To take advantage of the offer simply visit the IPVanish Birthday page on Feb. 24th and enjoy VPN from just $3.24 a month.  Your other option is to pick up a year of Newshosting for just $8.32 a month or a year of UNS for just $7.95 a month.  Both annual deals come with free IPVanish VPN.  Though the full service gives you access to more server locations.

IPVanish Birthday Sale

As an old timer in both the Usenet and VPN spaces I’ve watched IPVanish grow over the last 4 years.  They have accomplished a lot.  Some of the most important milestones in my mind include the growth of their top tier network and implementation of their “no log” policy by which users don’t have to worry about their activities being logged.  Whether you join IPVanish directly or through one of their Usenet partners (Newshosting or UNS) their commitment not to log users on the network is another benefit of the VPN service.

If you frequent our blog or main NGR site then you likely know that we also manage a VPN review site,  We started testing VPN services well before online privacy became so popular.  There are now literally hundreds of VPN services on the market.  Even so I gladly recommend IPVanish to family and friends.  Their network is well suited for high speed activities like watching Netflix and other popular online services from outside the country of origin.  IPvanish also supports P2P, VoIP, and online gaming.

Remember to visit the IPVanish Birthday page and enter coupon code BIRTHDAY during checkout.  The sale is only active for one day so if you’re considering VPN access then Wednesday, Feb. 24th is the time to make it happen.  Otherwise as I mentioned above you can sign up for either our Newshosting or UseNetServer annual specials and enjoy free access to the IPVanish network.  Either way I strongly encourage everyone to use a VPN.

Stream Super Bowl 50 on CBS Sports

We’re just hours away from seeing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos take on Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.  Along with the exciting game, we anticipate a great halftime show as Coldplay headlines with Beyonce and Bruno Mars joining them on stage.  Lady Gaga will be performing the Star Spangled Banner before the big game. Then of course there are the commercials which are said to cost $5 million for a 30 second spot this year.  Don’t miss a minute of the game.  You can stream all the excitement for free this year.  Watch on your computer or television for free with the CBS Sports app.

Super Bowl 50

I watched the Broncos beta the Patriots through the CBS Sports app a couple weeks ago and the stream was good.  It was interesting as my family had just moved and we were all set to watch the playoffs.  Then the snow came and DirecTV missed our install appointment.  That meant I had to find another way to watch Sunday’s games.  I’m happy o say that CBS was a positive experience.  I can’t say the same for Fox.  Their app was having issues.  Anyway, I grabbed the CBS Sports app and was able to watch the Broncos game.  Even more surprising was that the app didn’t ask me to log in to watch the game.  It looks like the Super Bowl stream will be free to watch as well which is great news for fans everywhere.

If you want to watch the big game on your computer, simply go to  You can always plug an HDMI cable to your TV to enjoy the stream.  Otherwise you can download the CBS Sports app for Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, and Roku.  Watching via mobile is a bit trickier.  You will need to be a Verizon customer to enjoy Super Bowl 50 on your phone.  You would do so through the NFL Mobile app.

Regardless of how you decide to watch the Super Bowl, I hope you have a great time this year.  We’re going to have our editorial team together for the big game.  We look forward to grilling out in the cold before the game and a lively time as we have a split group cheering for their favorite team to win.  Then there’s the commercials which never fail to entertain.  Don’t forget to prepare ahead of time.  I’m sure the CBS Sports app and website will see huge numbers as the day progresses.  I would suggest you hop in early as they plan to start coverage at 2 PM EST.  The game will start at 6:30 PM EST.  Enjoy the game and the commercials for Super Bowl 50.

Best European (Dutch) Usenet Providers

We’ve had a chance to test a number of European newsgroup providers this year.  The Dutch are very fond of Usenet and it shows in their services.  You’ll find a number of companies located in Europe that offer unlimited, speed capped and block Usenet accounts.  We’d like to share some of our favorites with you today.  You can visit our Dutch Usenet page on NGR for a more comprehensive selection along with reviews of each service.

1. TweakNews

Tweaknews special

TweakNews is our favorite Dutch Usenet service.  They offer a number of flatrate and block accounts.  Best of all, you can take advantage of our special to enjoy unlimited, uncapped Usenet and VPN access from just €7,50 a month. Tweaknews binary retention is 2,500 days which is nearly 7 years of binary posts. That puts them well ahead of every other European Usenet provider other than Eweka. Their very high completion rate and reliability helped them earn the top spot in our list.

The Tweaknews NewsgroupReviews special includes unlimited Usenet and VPN:

  • Unlimited Usenet + VPN – €9,99 a month
  • Unlimited Usenet + VPN – €7,50 a month for 12 months
  • 100 GB block – €13,00 one-time
  • 250 GB block – €30,00 one-time
  • 500 GB block – €45,00 one-time

2. Eweka

Eweka promotion

If you’re looking for a newsgroup provider that rivals the large U. S. companies then we recommend Eweka.  They are the only Dutch option with retention in line with Newshosting and other leading U. S. providers.  Eweka offers access to their tier-1  network for a very fair price.  You can enjoy unlimited Usenet access with free SSL and speeds up to 100 Mbit from just €7,50 a month during their high speed promotion.

Here’s a closer look at the Eweka account offerings:

  • 50 Mbit unlimited – €7,50 for 30 days (our visitors can enjoy a free upgrade to 100 Mbit unlimited)
  • 100 Mbit unlimited – €9,60 for 30 days
  • 1 day test account – €1,10 for 1 day

You’ll find that Eweka offers several hundred days more retention than other European Usenet providers.  If you want the best speed and retention then we highly recommend their service.

3. XLned


XLned is all about value.  They offer some of the best prices we’ve seen from a leading European Usenet service.  As you can see XLned’s prices start at just €2,99 a month with even lower pricing on 6 month and annual plans.  XLned doesn’t have the higher retention that Eweka offers but they still have two and a half years of binaries.  The XLned plans are based on speed with caps ranging from 2.5 Mbit up to 120 Mbit.

XLned offers five plans with varying speed caps:

  • XL Lite 2.5 Mbit  – €2,99 a month
  • XL Small 5 Mbit – €4,99 a month
  • XL Basic 10 Mbit – €5,99 a month
  • XL Plus 20 Mbit – €6,99 a month
  • XL Gold 120 Mbit – €9,99 a month

4. Pure Usenet

Pure Usenet

Pure Usenet offers more retention than XLned but they are still quite a ways behind Eweka.  Like most Dutch providers, PureUsenet offers speed capped plans.  The difference being that they also offer an uncapped plan for € 8,29 a month.  For that price I would go with the Eweka € 7,50 a month deal for 10 Mbit but if you need even more speed then Pure Usenet is a good choice.  The service is fast and reliable.

Pure Usenet offers six plans based on speed:

  • Pure XS 4 Mbps  – €1,83 a month
  • Pure S 8 Mbps  – €2,63 a month
  • Pure M 20 Mbps  – €3,43 a month
  • Pure L 30 Mbps  – €4,23 a month
  • Pure XL 60 Mbps  – €5,03 a month
  • Pure XXL unlimited  – €6,63 a month

5. UsenetBucket

Usenet Bucket

UsenetBucket is similar to SnelNL in terms of binary retention.  The difference is they do not offer a Usenet client.  You’ll find they offer some accounts with slower speeds for a lower cost.  Along with a super fast 400 Mbit account for a more premium price.  As with all the services on our list, UsenetBucket offers free SSL with their accounts.  They are also one of the only providers that accepts Bitcoin payments.

Here’s a quick look at the UsenetBucket plans:

  • Basic Bucket 10 Mbit – €2,95 for 30 days
  • Comfort Bucket 40 Mbit – €4,95 for 30 days
  • Ultimate Bucket 400 Mbit – €12,95 for 30 days

6. SnelNL


SnelNL is great for users who want a Dutch service with an integrated newsreader.  You can use the SnelNL client to search newsgroups, download, repair and extract content.  It will even preview audio and video files.  The service costs €7,95 a month for speeds up to 60 Mbit.  They have some different account options with speed ranging from 5 Mbps all the way up to 120 Mbps.  SnelNL also offers a 3 day, 1 GB free trial.

SnelNL offers three plans based on speed:

  • Small 5 Mbit  – €3,95 for 30 days
  • Basic 60 Mbit – €6,95 for 30 days
  • Fast 120 Mbit – €8,95 for 30 days

7. XS Usenet

XS Usenet

XS Usenet is best known for their free newsgroup accounts.  They have changed quite a bit over time though.  With several limitations.  The free service is limited to 1 Mbit speeds and 10 days of binary retention.  That might work for some quick fills if you’re going for new content.  If so grab a free account.  Otherwise they offer premium unlimited plans with speed caps ranging from 3 Mbit up to 120 Mbit.

XS Usenet premium unlimited speed capped plans are as follows:

  • 10 mbit – €3,19 a month
  • 25 mbit – €5,19 a month
  • 50 mbit – €7,29 a month
  • 100 mbit – €8,99 a month
  • 150 mbit – €9,99 a month
  • 200 mbit – €13,99 a month

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the top European (Dutch) Usenet providers.  If you have others you’d like to recommend please contact us via Twitter.  We’ll continue to test services and update our list.

Give the Gift of Usenet this Christmas

With Christmas shopping in full swing why not give the gift of Usenet this holiday season.  For less than $100 you can gift a full year of unlimited Usenet and free VPN access from leading providers including Newshosting and UseNetServer.  You can also pick up a monthly plan from $9.99 a month and enjoy unlimited Usenet access.  Some providers are even giving away a free month of VPN service to celebrate the holidays.

Newshosting Holiday Deal

Watch for the extras included with each newsgroup service.  All of the deals listed below include unlimited Usenet access but some have additional features.  For example Newshosting includes access to their client software with built in search engine.  While UseNetServer also offers a free search engine.  NewsDemon includes online storage.  All three providers offer VPN service.  Along with our friends at ThunderNews.

We have tested an would recommend every service on the list.  Here is a list of current Usenet specials that include a full year of Usenet access.  Click on any link below to take advantage of the discounted price.

1. Newshosting$99 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Client + Search + VPN

2. UseNetServer$95 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Search feature + VPN

3. ThunderNews$96 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Newsreader

4. Astraweb$96 for 12 months unlimited Usenet

Here are some monthly recurring Usenet deals: that are sure to be appreciate this holiday season:

1. Newshosting$9.99 a months unlimited Usenet + Client + Search + 1 month of free VPN

2. UseNetServer$10 a month unlimited Usenet + Search feature + 1 month of free VPN

3. NewsDemon$9.99 a month unlimited Usenet + Storage + Newsreader or $12.99 with VPN.

4. Easynews$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet + Free web interface trial

5. ThunderNews$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet + Newsreader or $12.99 a month with VPN

6. Astraweb$11 a month unlimited Usenet account

7. Ngroups$9.99 a month unlimited newsgroups + Storage

8. Fast Usenet$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet

9. UseNetNow$10.39 a month unlimited Usenet

10. NewsgroupDirect$16 a month unlimited Usenet + Storage

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Newsgroup Reviews!

Have any questions?  If so feel free to contact us via Twitter @NewsgroupRevs.